Saturday, May 12, 2012

Mother's Day Quick Chocolate Gift

My Mother Loves Chocolates and my little sister wanted to make her a chocolate bouquet and we came up with this!

Materials needed: *Bag of silver wrapped kisses,  * Bag of gold wrapped kisses,  *Foam ball shape,  *Sundae cup,  *Ribbon (used red/white feel free to use any color),   *glue dots, * wooden skewer, *Foil paper, *Paper to print out Happy Mother's Day on!

*Start filling the cup with silver kisses.

*Next cover the entire Styrofoam Ball with Foil Paper
*Using around 6 glue dots place on rim of cup then place the foiled ball directly on top of rim pressing down firmly.
*Make sure the ball is secure if not place more glue dots.

*Next get two glue dots and place on gold kisses and start sticking the kisses onto the foiled ball.
*Start with the gold kisses and start working from the bottom up.
*When you start on the second row of gold kisses instead of placing the kisses directly above another instead place in between kisses here is a close up picture.
*After you do two rows of gold kisses Get your Wood skewer and stick it in the foiled ball towards the back and a little to the side.

*Then the third row I chose to place silver kisses then then the fourth and fifth I used gold kisses until I reached the top.

*Next get your red paper and print out the phrase Happy Mother's Day! Place another white blank paper behind sticking it with glue dots. Cut your phrase in any shape I used some scissors that have designs then on the back of the paper place in a straight line down the middle some glue dots and glue it onto the wood skewer.

*Last get your ribbon cut 10 red and 10 white 20 inches long.
Get a single 10 inch ribbon and tie the bundle of 20 ribbons together.
 Get some scissors and start curling them after all are curled using the  white tie ribbon in the middle
attach the curled ribbon onto the skewer! Awesome your done!!!
                                                               Happy Mother's Day!

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Teacher Appreciation Craft Idea

I was on Pinterest and found a great Craft idea for Teacher appreciation gifts!
You can find More ideas like this one from this great website WWW.U-CREATCRAFTS.COM

I did this one for my son's 2 teachers!
My local Dollar tree carries a fantastic garden selection, but please feel free to purchase the items at any shop that carries garden items!

Materials needed: *Bucket    *Hand Shovel   *2 packets of seeds   *Garden Gloves  
                              *Artificial Flower   *Twine  *Paper(your choice of color)

*I printed in some yellow paper the following quote: "Teachers plant the seeds of knowledge that will grow forever!"

*I took my printed quote and stapled it to the packet of seeds.
*Get a flower and tie it to the twine that will be going around the bucket. Size will vary depending on the size of bucket you are using.
*Assemble your bucket first place the hand shovel, then the garden gloves and last place a little tape on the back of the seeds to tape  on top of the hand shovel so the quote sticks out of the bucket and it is visual! Awesome your done!
Two Gift under $10!